GDR 3545

  • 5th annual meeting of the GDR 3545 RCPG-PhysioMed 2016

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  • 13th European FDSS Users Meeting June 8th 2017

  • Major GPCR centers in France

    Paris, Strasbourg, Montpellier, Toulouse...

  • GPCR ligands and drugs

    Pharmacology and pharmacochemistry

  • GPCR activation mechanism

  • GPCRs in physiology and pathology

  • GPCR regulation

    Desensitization, down-regulation, internalization

  • An objective of the GDR 3545

    To promote exchange between academia and industry

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G protein-coupled receptors (GPCR) represent the largest family of proteins expressed at the cell surface. GPCRs are involved in multiple physiological and pathological processes, and are targeted by 30-40% of currently prescribed drugs. Regardless of this fact, these drugs target only 10% of all GPCRs highlighting the great potential of this protein family for future drug design.

GPCR research is multi-disciplinary, dealing with numerous biological and pathological processes.  Accordingly, GPCR researchers often work in different fields and research organizations. To gather these different players in France, the “Groupement de Recherche” (GDR) 3545 on « G protein-coupled receptors – from physiology to drugs » has been founded by the CNRS in 2012.

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