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Program of the 6th GDR3545 Workshop for PhD students and Post-Docs

Post on 27 June 2018

6th GDR3545 Workshop for Young Researchers

sponsored by the Esteve Foundation



Drug Discovery of GPCR: Scientific and Career Points of View in Biotech and Academia

Sunday, the 28th of October 2018

National University Library (Bibliothèque Nationale Universitaire BNU), salle de réunion

Strasbourg, tram station “République” (lines B, C, E, F)


Topic: Drug Discovery of GPCR and Other Targets in Biotech: Scientific and Career Points of View

15h00 - 16h15 Scientific presentations:

  • Introduction by members of the young researcher committee and by Felix Bosch-Llonch from the Esteve Foundation.
  • Christel Franchet, Head of Biology Department at Domain Therapeutics France, "Unique GPCR Platforms for Innovative Drug Discovery".
  • Christelle Doebelin, Junior project manager at Novalix, "Axl/MertK TAM Kinase Ligands: How to Lead an Insoluble Compound to an In-Vivo Proof-of-Concept?"

16h15 - 16h45 Coffee break.

16h45 - 17h45 Scientific presentations:

  • Cédric Fiez-Vandal, Group Leader in Protein Biochemistry at Heptares Therapeutics Zürich, "Solving the High-Resolution X-ray Crystal Structure of the GLP-1 Receptor: Lessons from the Biotech Trenches".
  • Sasha Koniev, CEO and co-founder of Syndivia, "Academia vs.Industry: a False Dilemma? Notes on Startup-ing in Biotech".

17h45 - 19h00 Round table.

19h30 Dinner and discussion at the restaurant La Chaîne d’Or together with the speakers of Sunday.


Monday, the 29th of October 2018

Pôle API - ESBS, Amphitheatre EBEL

Illkirch-Graffenstaden, tram station “Campus d’Illkirch” (lines A, E)


Topic: Validation, Production and Screening of GPCR and Other Proteins as Pharmacological Targets 

09h00 - 10h40 Presentations of technological platforms of the University Campus of Illkirch:

  • 09h00–09h25: Marie-Christine Birling, head of the Genetic Engineering and Genome Editing Service at the Mouse Clinical Institute, "Application of CRISPR Technology to Animal and Pharmacological Models".
  • 09h25–09h50: Laurent Brino, director of the High Throughput Cell-based Screening Facility (HTSF) at IGBMC, "Cell-based RNAi and Small Molecule Screening for Identifying Antiviral Targets: Case of an HDV Virus-Host Interaction Study".
  • 09h50–10h15: Renaud Wagner, head of the Integral Membrane Proteins Research and Services platform IMPReSs, "Production and Characterization of Membrane Proteins in Solution: the Adenosine Receptor as a Case Study".
  • 10h15–10h40: Pascal Villa, director of the Platform of Integrative Chemical Biology of Strasbourg (PCBiS), "A Receptor Binding Assay Development for High Throughput Screening".


10h40 - 11h00 Coffee break.

11h00 - 13h15 Visits of technological platforms of the University Campus of Illkirch:

  • 11h00–11h20 Group A ESBS – IMPReSs (Dr. Renaud Wagner)

                              Group B ESBS – PCBiS (Dr. Pascal Villa)

                              Group C IGBMC – HTSF (Dr. Laurent Brino)

  • 11h25–11h45 Group A ESBS – PCBiS (Dr. Pascal Villa)

                       Group B IGBMC – HTSF (Dr. Laurent Brino)

                       Group C ESBS – IMPReSs (Dr. Renaud Wagner)

  • 11h50–12h10 Group A IGBMC – HTSF (Dr. Laurent Brino)

                       Group B ESBS – IMPReSs (Dr. Renaud Wagner)

                       Group C ESBS – PCBiS (Dr. Pascal Villa)

  • 12h15–13h15 Group 1 Group 2 Mouse Clinical Institute

13h15 - 14h15 Lunch at the Pôle API